3 signs your woman doesn’t enjoy sex with you

When it comes to the bedroom department, nothing can break a man’s heart faster than the realization that he cannot satisfy his woman; luckily for many people however, this is a situation that can be remedied by taking appropriate steps.

The truth is, if you do not even realize there is a problem, you may end up as one of those men whose women get driven into the arms of another man (sometimes even their house helps, gatemen, drivers), due to dissatisfaction; this is because, whether you believe it or not, most women won’t bother talking to you about it before looking for a better lover.

So, wondering if perhaps you are not hitting the right buttons when in bed with your woman? Here are 3 signs that should sound a warning alarm in your head:

  1. She NEVER initiates sex:


Dear men, don’t be deceived, WOMEN LOVE SEX JUST AS MUCH AS MEN! And the truth is, if you are giving it good to her, she will keep coming back for more. So if you see that you are always the one to make a move EVERY SINGLE TIME, bros, that woman is not enjoying the pepper soup you are serving her in bed oh! Upgrade your game before it is too late.

We know that not everyone is born great in bed, but love making can be likened to cooking – just like when you are making pepper soup, you know you can always get better seasoning to make it more delicious, in the same way, you can also get better seasoning to SPICE THINGS UP IN THE BEDROOM and make that woman want more and more of you till she starts to demand it! Check out some nice bedroom spices to get your game on point HERE!

  1. Lovemaking is boring and seems like work to her:Capture

This one is pretty obvious na! When you are making love to your woman and she just lies down there unresponsive like a log of wood and praying you just hurry up and finish so she can go and do something better like watch Telemundo, this is a sure sign that something is very wrong with your own MAN CHANNEL and you are not making her happy at.

If sex starts to seem like what she agrees to just so that you can allow her rest, hmmnn…bros, you need to do something about your instrument and skills fast before she finds another man to do your work for you. There are natural and safe ways to enhance your performance and even increase the size of your manhood, don’t dull yourself, CLICK HERE TO GET THEM NOW!

  1. She simply does not let you touch her anymore:


Guys, if things have gotten to this stage already, there is a really big problem! In fact, you are lucky she has not dumped you yet because she obviously sees sex with you as a waste of time. ACT FAST NOW BEFORE YOU LOSE THAT WOMAN COMPLETELY.

Look, if a woman you call your wife won’t let you touch her again, or even your girlfriend who is not being stopped by her religious beliefs or desire to stay celibate till marriage suddenly starts resisting your touch for NO REASON, do you need a native doctor to explain to you that she considers you a waste of time in bed? This is a sure sign that she has given up on you and your weak performance – she simply has lost interest because you are not getting her satisfied at all.

Don’t give up yet, simply help yourself by acting fast to save your marriage and win your woman’s affection back. To discover the secret to turning things around in the bedroom and giving that woman the satisfaction she deserves using safe and natural methods, CLICK HERE NOW!

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